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Tour the Future of
Manufacturing Quality Management
and Supplier Quality Management

Introducing High QA, HQA 360 and HQA HUB

Who is High QA?

For almost a decade, High QA has simplified the way we manage manufacturing quality with advanced software. Discover how over 1,200 companies are using it to win in their markets.

Invest less than an hour to learn about High QA and its solutions that automate routine and time-consuming processes to collect and process manufacturing quality data in a single database from quotation to acceptance of reports.

High QA provides manufacturing quality management (QMS) and supplier quality management (SQM) systems to help improve quality in manufacturing

Learn how to:

  • Plan a part for quality in minute vs. hours.
  • Collect data from CMM instantly.
  • Produce quality reports in just a few hours vs. days.
  • Use quality data to collaborate with your suppliers and customers to remove costly inspections.

What is a Quality Management Suite (QMS)?

A quality management suite (QMS) is aimed at manufacturing quality management inside a facility, division, or enterprise.

HQA 360 helps:

  • Create planning documents at the quotation stage to evaluate risks.
  • Accelerate planning processes with tools such as ballooning 2D drawings or 3D models to help operations focus on what to measure and how.
  • Capture data from manual inspection devices and connected machines.
  • Analyze complex data and generate reports for FAI or APQP/PPAP.

What is Supplier Quality Management (SQM)?

A supplier exchange portal where the quality is at the center of the collaboration.

HQA HUB helps:

  • Unify quality data in one centralized place regardless of supplier location.
  • Collect and exchange manufacturing quality data on a secure system.
  • Mitigate potentially costly supplier certifications and inspections.