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Integrate Manufacturing Quality Data with Your ERP System

using HQA ERP Connect

Break the Data Silos

Manufacturing Quality and ERP software can work together

Maintaining a competitive edge requires more than just skilled management – it demands a seamless integration of key operational elements.

HQA ERP Connect improves business efficiency by integrating HQA 360’s advanced manufacturing quality management system (QMS) with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

With manufacturing quality related data accessible directly in your ERP software, your entire organization becomes a coordinated cross-functional quality team.

HQA ERP Connect

Where quality and operations converge, and excellence prevails.

Combining High QA and your ERP system can result in improved data accuracy, better collaboration, increased efficiency, enhanced visibility, and improved compliance. By leveraging these benefits, you can drive performance improvements, respond more quickly to changing market conditions, focus on innovation, preserve capital, and remain competitive in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry. To make sure you stay up to date, HQA ERP Connect is built from the ground up as a supported software product. This means it includes continuous upgrades to adapt as your business needs change. Cutting-edge security means this integration is ready to support your compliance needs.

Time and Cost Savings

Integrate High QA with your ERP System for efficient job creation, saving time and resources. Shaving minutes off each job leads to substantial monthly cost savings.

Ensure Accuracy of Data

HQA ERP Connect eliminates uncertainties in manual job creation, ensuring accurate, timely, and complete ERP data for reliable quality management.

Automation of Data Entry

Ease the burden on quality engineers with HQA ERP Connect. These tools automate data entry, enhancing efficiency, timeliness, and data quality.

Efficient Quality Operations

Effortlessly merge High QA with ERP systems for seamless quality operations. Reduce employee workload, enhance efficiency, and eliminate errors.

Stop struggling with manual data entry! Connect your quality and ERP solutions now!

Choose Your HQA ERP Connect

High QA provides several existing connectors or the ability for you to build and customize your own ERP connector.

Select from Two Options

Pre-Built ERP Connectors (Recommended)
  • Plug-and-play standard connector for your ERP system
  • Affordable with minimal IT involvement
  • Designed to facilitate industry best practices
  • Well documented set of capabilities and automated processes
  • Integration is fully supported by High QA
Custom ERP Connector (For Developer Teams)
  • Built on the HQA Connect platform for simplified scripting
  • Script your own business logic for ERP to HQA data synchronization
  • Minimal learning curve for in-house developers
  • Options for HQA support and consulting services
Next Steps

High QA has developed several ERP Connectors for many of the most popular
ERP systems including Epicor, JobBoss, Visual ERP, Syteline, and more.

Contact High QA to see if a HQA ERP Connect solution has been developed for your ERP system.
If one does not exist, we can work together to develop a solution.


Key Data Exchanged Between HQA 360 and ERP

Set up and configuration is usually completed with a simple conference call.
A High QA specialist will direct the call with your IT team and High QA software administrator.


New Part Sync


New Job (Work Order) Sync


NCR Data Sync


Lot/Op Acceptance Sync


Drawing Revision Management


Asset Management

ERP to HQA and HQA to ERP

Companies Management


User Account Management

Active Directory to HQA

Gage Management

Gage Software to HQA

Embrace the power of HQA ERP Connect.

Seamless automated integration where quality and operations converge, and excellence prevails.