Eliminate Bottlenecks in First Article Inspection (FAI)

First Article Inspection (FAI)

Streamline, automate and mistake-proof your first article inspection process

An AS9102 FAIR, or First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) validates that a product has been manufactured to the correct specification. Numerous large spreadsheets, detailed forms and compiled reports need to be gathered and often require 24+ hours of labor by quality engineers, manufacturers and other technical professionals to create. Processes may even need to change which can lead to missed deadlines.

High QA software organizes and automates all aspects of an AS9102 first article inspection report to reduce the cost and time involved – and prevent errors along the way – helping companies streamline their manufacturing process.

High QA has been a game changer for us.

We have moved from completing 5-10 FAI reports a month to 5-10 a day.

Paul Nelson, Engineering and Quality Manager, Louis Industries
See how High QA can help you get more FAI reports completed in less time.

Powerful FAI Management for All Quality and Manufacturing Needs

One-Click Ballooning and GD&T Extraction
Synchronized Inspection Results Data
Electronic Reviews and Approvals
Paperless Environment
Centralized Database
Out-of-the-Box Standard Forms
Customizable Forms, Workflows and Documentation

I am winning more aerospace contracts because I can get my FAIR’s out faster and cleaner than my competition.

Stephen Hunt, Operations / Quality Director, Jet Machined Products
See how High QA can help you make better FAI reports faster.

Speed-Up Your First Article Inspections

Automated One-Click Ballooning and GD&T Data Extraction

One-click is all it takes to balloon drawings and extract GD&T/PMI data using sophisticated OCR technology. A complete dynamic bill of characteristics and inspection plan is generated and linked to the ballooned drawing.

Quickly Import Measurement Results

Automatically import inspection results from any measurement machine or device. Manually input data or use sophisticated data collection apps to quickly record data.

Paperless FAI Submissions

Automatically combine all dimensional reports, certifications, ballooned drawings and other requirements into one complete multi-page PDF and deliver it electronically to customers.

Powerful FAI Data Management

FAI data is stored in a centralized database. It is easily retrieved at any time for your team, customer, suppliers or regulatory audits.

The High QA Difference

It’s time for you to reduce mistakes and be more efficient.  High QA organizes and automates all aspects of a first article inspection report to reduce the cost and time involved – and prevents errors along the way – helping you streamline your manufacturing process. And that leads to improved quality products, increased customer satisfaction and a successful business.

Eliminate Paper

Remove the challenge of misplaced documents, illegible information or incomplete and inaccurate data with digital files stored in a centralized database. The digital solution makes compliance easier, audits faster and provides full transparency into who made what changes, when and why.

Reduce Mistakes

High QA helps you eliminate manual data entry, tedious cut-and-paste operations from one spreadsheet to another and time-consuming transcriptions. All quality documents, forms and inspection results are stored in a centralized database. With less human input, data has fewer errors and is higher quality.

Increase Efficiency

The first article inspection process with High QA helps you meet customer requirements and specifications the first time around and without having to redo any of your processes. By managing all aspects of the FAI from ballooning and data collection to analysis and reporting, the overall quality and performance of your processes and people will improve.

High QA PQP lets you create, manage, support and monitor manufacturing quality APQP/PPAP requirements

Improve Quality

Managing and monitoring the FAI process ensures that AS9102 reports will not be rejected. Productivity improves because the jobs are being done correctly and on-time. All of this results in better quality and confidence from your buyers.

Deliver On-Time

With an automated and streamlined FAI process, less time is wasted. Minimized manual data entry, which takes a lot of time, helps you get the job done more accurately and faster. Tight production deadlines can be easily met with precisely manufactured parts.

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in Your First Article Inspection Reports