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J&J Machine

High QA Customer Story

Simplify and automate manufacturing quality processes with High QA software

From Paper to Powerful

J&J Machine Achieves Excellence Through Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Quality with High QA

J&J Machine, a company with a long history of excellence for machining plastics and metals, knew it was time to move into the modern era. While updating their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, they recognized an opportunity to take their quality management from a manual, paper-based process to a fully digital solution. This shift not only streamlined their manufacturing quality workflows but also improved accuracy and efficiency.

Their journey to digital transformation in manufacturing quality began with the discovery of High QA, a manufacturing Quality Management Software (QMS) solution designed to empower manufacturers with digital, automated and simplified quality management.

Outcomes: Embracing Efficiency

With High QA, J&J Machine transformed their manufacturing quality management with:

Adopting High QA, J&J Machine transformed their manufacturing quality management with:

  • Centralized Information: J&J Machine now has all their ballooned drawings and control plans housed in a single, accessible location. Each job comes with all the necessary quality management documentation readily available.
  • Automated Tasks: Repetitive tasks are now automated, saving valuable time. Processes that used to take hours are now completed in minutes.
  • Seamless Data Import: Gathering and importing measurement data from the CMM has become significantly faster and more reliable. High QA’s Automatic Machine Data Import (AMDI) feature allows direct data import, eliminating manual entry and potential errors.
  • Effortless First Article Inspections (FAI): Creating FAI reports is now a breeze. All information is readily available in the database, and reports are generated in minutes. Gone are the days of searching for information and manually transferring data – a process that previously took days.
  • Faster PPAP Documentation: Producing Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation used to involve a multi-day effort. With High QA, the process is streamlined into a checklist. Users simply select the required reports, and High QA generates the documentation with minimal manual input. This reduces the turnaround time from days to a fraction of a day.

Coming From: A World of Paper

Prior to implementing High QA, J&J Machine relied heavily on manual manufacturing quality processes. Quality planning involved physically marking dimensions on prints.

“Everything from ballooning to annotating critical dimensions was manual,” explains Zach Rothstein, Quality Manager at J&J Machine.

Handwriting variations and smudges caused by manufacturing oils often made dimensions difficult to decipher on prints. Annotating prints didn’t always ensure operators caught the notes.

Paperwork Plagued Production

“Prior to High QA, everything from ballooning to annotating critical dimensions was manual”

Zach Rothstein

Quality Manager, J&J Machine

Data collection was equally cumbersome. Measurements from the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) materialized in reports stretching to 20 or more pages. Information was painstakingly copied and pasted manually into spreadsheets, a process ripe for errors.

“If a part was out of spec, we wouldn’t know until it was finished,” says Zach. Relying upon circled dimensions on a paper drawing would often end with entire lots scrapped – a costly consequence of a manual process.

They soon realized that the manual manufacturing quality process was failing. Traceability? Nonexistent. Accountability? Guessing games.

Transforming: Going Digital

J&J Machine had a challenge: keeping their manufacturing quality consistent was a constant headache. Paperwork piled up, inspections took forever, and catching errors felt like finding a needle in a haystack. The need for an engineering digital Quality Management System (QMS) was undeniable. Then came High QA, a software solution designed to digitize, automate, and simplify collaborated manufacturing quality processes.

Transitioning from manual quality processes to digital wasn’t without its challenges. J&J Machine, in collaboration with High QA’s Professional Services Team, embarked on a process of mapping workflows, training personnel, and fine-tuning the software to seamlessly integrate with their existing operations. New workflows were introduced, and existing workflows were adjusted.

The benefits were immediate and far-reaching. Ballooned drawings and control plans found a centralized home within High QA’s digital ecosystem. Each job now boasted all the necessary information for meticulous quality management, readily accessible to everyone involved.

Automation became a game-changer. Tasks that once consumed hours – gathering and importing measurement data from the CMM – were now completed in minutes. High QA’s Automatic Machine Data Import (AMDI) eliminated the need for manual data entry, reducing human error in the process. “Many manual processes are now automated,” said Zach, “That saves us valuable time and resources.”

Quality Transformed

“High QA transformed the way we manage quality. Digital data eliminates the errors inherent in manual processes. We can now catch issues early on, preventing wasted resources and unnecessary scrap.

Zach Rothstein

Quality Manager, J&J Machine

“First Article Inspections” (FAI) saw a dramatic transformation. Previously, piles of parts awaited the generation of FAI reports, a process that could take days. High QA streamlined the process. With all the information readily housed in the database, reports can be generated in mere minutes. “Backlogs of parts waiting for inspection and reports have significantly decreased,” said Zach. “Before High QA, shelves were overflowing with parts waiting for inspections. Now, they’re practically empty.”

The impact on PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documentation was equally impressive. What once took multiple days is completed in a fraction of the time. High QA is a central database with all the necessary data and documentation. “Data is no longer scattered across different locations; it’s all housed in one system, readily accessible to everyone,” said Zach. “Now a simple central checklist automatically generates reports with minimal manual input.”

“High QA has transformed the way we manage quality,” states Zach. “Digital data eliminates the errors inherent in manual processes. We can now catch issues early on, preventing wasted resources and unnecessary scrap.”

A Digital Future for Manufacturing Quality

J&J Machine’s story serves as a compelling testament to the power of digital transformation. By embracing High QA, they’ve not only enhanced their quality control processes but also improved efficiency, reduced errors, and streamlined workflows. In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, J&J Machine has positioned itself for continued success, one digital step at a time.

From all of us at High QA, thank you J&J for sharing your story. We wish you the best for the future.

J&J Machine’s experience with High QA is a clear example of how digital transformation can revolutionize manufacturing quality control. If you’re looking to streamline your workflows, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency, then High QA software might be the perfect solution for your business. Don’t wait any longer to see the benefits for yourself. Schedule a demo today and see how High QA can take your manufacturing quality to the next level.