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1-Click to Balloon Drawings and Extract GD&T Data

It's that simple with High QA ballooning software

How Do You Balloon Drawings and Extract GD&T/PMI Data?

High QA’s ballooning software is a key part of the quality management process. One-click auto-ballooning using optical character recognition (OCR) takes out the manual process for ballooning and GD&T extraction saving you time and money. You really can automatically balloon drawings for your quality process.

Manual Process

Time Consuming

Hundreds of balloons need to be hand-drawn. Dimensions and notes need to be manually entered into a spreadsheet. Interpretation and data entry errors lead to inaccuracies in quality.

Automated Process


High QA software is an efficient, automated digitized solution to automate ballooning drawings and extracting GD&T/PMI data into a useable dynamic bill of characteristics.

See how ballooning and GD&T/PMI data extraction should be done.


Auto-ballooning software lets you balloon drawings and create bill of characteristics in minutes, not hours or days


Automatically balloon and extract GD&T/PMI data using sophisticated OCR technology

No Cut and Paste

Prevents data entry and human interpretation errors

One Consistent Data Source

Replaces multiple paper documents with digital files stored in a centralized database

Manage All Drawings and Bill of Characteristics

Utilizes an all-in-one manufacturing quality management software
Watch the video to see High QA ballooning software in action. WATCH VIDEO

Revolutionary Ballooning Software Features and Benefits

One-click creates ballooned drawings and extracts GD&T from 2D drawings
Automatic ballooning and extraction PMI data when opening a 3D MBD file
Easily adjust balloon colors, shapes, and arrows
Support for multi-page drawings
Support for tabulated drawings
One-click automatic conversion between metric/imperial units
Revision controls automatically update balloons and GD&T data
Accurate recognition of GD&T/PMI data with innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Assign inspection tools, criticality designators and material specifications dynamically to the bill of characteristics
High QA ballooning software uses one-click to creates balloon drawings and extract GD&T

See how you can save hundreds of man-hours of time each year with auto-ballooning, importing CMM data and generating FAI reports in minutes.


Take advantage of 3D MBD in your manufacturing quality workflow

Manufacturing quality engineers have traditionally used 2D drawings throughout the planning and inspection process. With the rise of Quality 4.0, many companies now expect their suppliers to use a 3D Model-Based Definition (3D MBD) workflow.

That’s why High QA has made it simple to incorporate 3D models in your quality process. PMI data is automatically extracted and ballooned when the 3D MBD file is opened in the ballooning software.

  • Automatically and intelligently extract GD&T and PMI from 3D MBD models
  • Easily modify and manage extracted GD&T and PMI data
  • Use 3D MBD data throughout your manufacturing quality process
High QA streamlines and automates quality processes – from MBD to 2D ballooning, GD&T through planning, and final reports

Learn more about using 3D MBD in your manufacturing quality process.


Speed Up Ballooning of Tabulated Drawings with High QA Ballooning Software

You don’t have to manually create inspection plans for every individual part instance in a tabulated or parametric drawing.

High QA ballooning software enables you to create a tabulated master part record, define tabulated dimensions and automatically extract tabulated parameter tables from the drawing.

Then with one-click, the ballooning software will generate part records for any or all tabulated instances with specific inspection plans for each part.

High QA ballooning software makes ballooning tabulated drawings easy
Learn how you can save up to 70% of your time ballooning drawings - TALK WITH US