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Connect Manufacturers and Buyers Together with Quality in Mind

with HQA HUB


Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Supplier Quality Management

Your Suppliers Can Work Like They Are On Your Shop Floor

Tracking manufacturing quality processes and documentation across multiple suppliers is costly and time consuming. Unstructured and chaotic formatting of quality documents and submission reports makes it difficult to gain meaningful insights into quality, cost, and timelines.

Now there is a NEW way. HQA HUB, a supplier quality management (SQM) software,  lets you engage and collaborate on manufacturing quality with your suppliers like they were on your shop floor to increase part quality throughout your supply chain.

HQA HUB is a revolutionary supplier quality management software (SQM) and puts quality at the center of your manufacturing supply chain by bringing suppliers into your shop floor.

Let Us Show You How HQA HUB Can Make Quality the Center of Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

What is HQA HUB?

HQA HUB is a cloud-based supplier quality management (SQM) platform to share manufacturing quality data and documents easily and securely between all stakeholders.

It leverages HQA 360, a leading manufacturing quality management software, to balloon 2D & 3D parts, create inspection & control plans, analyze SPC & PFMEA trends and develop FAI & PPAP submissions.

  • One database for you and your suppliers
  • One set of tools for consistency
  • Standardize documentation formats
  • No paper spreadsheets
  • Collaborate on quality data and documents

Why is HQA HUB Important to You?

HQA HUB provides centralized communication with manufacturing suppliers. It creates a framework for collaborative supplier quality and eliminates the problems caused by email and paper-based communication.

One software for all your manufacturing quality processes – whether you make the part at your facility or a supplier makes it at their shop. All quality documents have the same look & feel with the same manufacturing quality data. HQA HUB enables visibility and control of your purchased products before they even hit your shop floor – so you can decrease cycle times while increasing productivity, traceability, and quality. It really does simplify the quality manufacturing process.

Key Benefits


Standardize quality submission requirements across all of your suppliers​. All incoming quality documents are in the same format from all suppliers. You can find what you need when you need it.


Transparency to supplier production progress leads to minimized inventory in receiving inspections, quality process stability, maturity, and other critical factors that help you and your supply chain partners predict and maintain quality production and delivery schedules.


Powerful quality tools to make suppliers highly productive and efficient. Quality processes are based on HQA 360 manufacturing and business logic, automation, reduced paper.


More than just cost for parts, HQA HUB provides analytics and qualitative information about suppliers. Compare and analyze quality data across multiple suppliers​ to determine reliability and quality consistency.

Key Features

HQA HUB uses all the manufacturing quality management in HQA 360 and additionally uses supplier quality management tools to help you better collaborate with your manufacturing suppliers. Your suppliers have the same tools for consistency and transparency.

  • End-to-end encrypted data transfer at the click of a button
  • Access to out-of-the-box documents and report templates
  • Highly configurable dynamic reports as interactive web-forms
  • Automated CMM data import
  • Dashboards to manage the status of Jobs/PO’s, inspection, documentation, and supplier’s scorecard
  • Collaborative documentation workflow driven
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • Highly configurable dynamic report/forms work like live web-forms
  • Highly configurable dynamic workflows for managed and traceable collaboration with all suppliers

Let's meet to show you the power of HQA HUB, your manufacturing supplier quality management (SQM) solution.

HQA HUB is a revolutionary supplier quality management software (SQM) and puts quality at the center of your manufacturing supply chain by bringing suppliers into your shop floor.
HQA HUB is a revolutionary supplier quality management software (SQM) and puts quality at the center of your manufacturing supply chain by bringing suppliers into your shop floor with SPC, FAI and PPAP

How Does HQA HUB Work?

As a user, you invite your supply chain partners to the HUB, making it easier to securely share prints, models, forms, and other documents. HUB allows for standard submissions of RFQs, QA reports, and other critical documentation. Based on data the system collects, HUB enables you to choose the right suppliers, predict deliveries and quality, as well as respond accurately to RFQs.

HQA HUB gives you peace of mind that you’re getting parts or components that meet your quality requirements because your supply chain partners have all the information they need to give you an accurate quote and manufacture to specification exactly what you need, on-time and on-budget.

Because HQA HUB gives your supply chain partners access to complete information, it decreases the probability of failures occurring up and down the chain.

  • Buyers invite Suppliers to the HUB.​
  • HUB allows the secure exchange and sharing of prints, models, forms…​
  • HUB allows for standardization of submissions through the supply chain from RFQ to QA report.​
  • HUB allows to learn with data over time to pick the right supplier, predict deliveries and quality, or respond accurately to RFQ’s​
  • HUB allows productivity and collaboration with less friction within the supply chain.

HUB leverages High QA software that is used by thousands of users worldwide every day to balloon parts, develop FAI, PPAP and more. Once the system is set up on your end, invite your suppliers to access your quality requirements from one source, and receive production data and inspection documents directly to you.

HQA HUB is a revolutionary supplier quality management software (SQM) and puts quality at the center of your manufacturing supply chain by bringing suppliers into your shop floor.

Let's Answer Your Questions About HQA HUB

HQA HUB users get peace of mind by having all their manufacturing requirements in one place to share easily with supply chain partners for any given part or component. No more second guessing on whether parts meet the highest quality standards. No more misunderstandings between manufacturers and suppliers or buyers.

HQA HUB bridges manufacturing quality data gaps to ensure seamless collaboration and information flow in all directions.

What is HQA HUB’s main point of differentiation from other quality-focused software solutions?

The ability to standardize quality submissions throughout the supply chain and overcome the difficulties that have traditionally characterized the relationships between suppliers and customers.

What kinds of quality-related data can one collect and analyze by using HQA HUB?

HQA HUB allows users to obtain First Article Inspection (FAI), Part Production Approval Process (PPAP), and advanced ballooning data that allows one to manage a supply chain virtually.

Why is HQA HUB a valuable tool in today’s manufacturing environments?

Because data suggests that delays, rework and late shipments due to poor quality can add significant costs to the supply chain. HQA HUB helps to reduce or eliminate those costs and strengthen relationships between manufacturers and their customers.

How can HQA HUB help you choose the right suppliers?

By giving you easy access to meaningful data that allows you to compare suppliers’ performances to one another and determine which companies are worth keeping as supply chain partners.

What is the value of continually evaluating your supply chain using data gleaned from HQA HUB?

By looking at numbers related to quality, on-time performance, and other factors, and adjusting accordingly, you decrease the probability of failure occurring in your supply chain.

What are the most significant benefits of using HQA HUB?

HQA HUB gives you the ability to standardize quality submission requirements across your supply chain and manage your collaborations with supply chain partners and customers in a traceable manner.

Can HQA HUB predict process stability?

Yes. The tool can also help you forecast progress and other critical factors to help you maintain production and delivery schedules.

With what other standards or protocols is HQA HUB compatible?

HQA HUB supports the Quality Information Framework (QIF) standard. It is also 2D/3D/multidimensional database (MDB) capable, supports major CAD system models, has a strong Application Program Interface (API) that can integrate with other systems, and supports and exchanges data with Net-Inspect, and FAI report output.