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Ensure Quality, Safety and Compliance in the Aerospace Industry with Quality Management Software

High QA
June 6, 2022

Quality management is vital in the aerospace industry to meet specified standards. Delivery of high-quality products is crucial to customer satisfaction and if quality falters there can be severe safety consequences. Organizations that do not adhere to the standards face multiple quality challenges, and most do not survive in the industry.

A recent report shows that the Boeing 787 aircraft is still plagued with quality issues and had several omissions in its quality documentation submitted towards the end of April 2022 leading to business interruptions.

High QA software helps the aerospace and defense industry with APQP, PPAP and FAI quality management solutions

The organization halted deliveries since it needed to work through inspections and repairs to streamline the operations. This clearly shows that quality engineers, managers, decision-makers, parts inspectors, and other leaders need to ensure there is quality, safety and compliance in the aerospace industry.

Fortunately, today, technology continues to enhance operations within the aerospace industry. Now there is quality management technology to meet quality requirements and ensure compliance with aerospace industry standards.

What Is Quality Management in Aerospace?

Quality in the aerospace industry is a standard set of guidelines that ensure organizations within the aerospace industry meet requirements and continue to improve their processes. Organizations comply with the set standards to achieve quality policies and objectives.

A quality management system (QMS) helps the aerospace industry achieve compliance, leading to streamlined operations. For instance, High QA software enhances planning, inspecting, and reporting. This promotes quality management and compliance in the aerospace industry both internally and throughout the supply chain.

High QA QMS software helps the aerospace and defense industry with APQP, PPAP and FAI quality management solutions

The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) produces the standards that every organization within the industry must abide by. However, organizations face challenges meeting the requirements because they lack the right tools. Quality management software can simplify the process and meet the quality management system requirements.

What Is the Role of Quality Management in the Aerospace Industry?

Quality management plays a crucial role in the aerospace industry. It helps ensure that equipment, systems, and processes meet the set standards to manufacture quality products.

Full Traceability

Traceability helps the aerospace industry find the product information and understand the history of its parts. Delays can lead to interruptions of the production processes. Having quality management software helps the industry ensure effective reporting and accountability for each part during each manufacturing stage. It helps you know whenever something goes wrong, determine the exact point and ensure compliance.

Automation and Streamlining Audits

Performing internal and external audits helps operators within the aerospace industry to comply with the set standards. Using a QMS automates and streamlines the quality audit process. Operators can use the software to assign audit teams, create auditing schedules, monitor performance, manage online and offline audits, generate analytical reports, and track preventive and corrective actions. This, in return, reduces operation costs, increases employee efficiency, and eliminates duplicate systems.

Supply Chain Quality Management

Effective management of the supply chain boosts communication and collaboration. Using High QA 360 software eliminates the interpretation of errors and minimizes the manual process. The software also helps in effective planning, inspecting and reporting, managing assets, and forecasting. The manufacturing management can use the forecasts to determine risks and mitigate them before they occur.

Increased Safety and Consistency

Safety is vital in the aerospace industry. As an engineer, operator, or manager within the aerospace industry, you not only have to focus on complying with the standards, but also need to ensure safety, consistency and quality of the products. This is crucial because the aerospace sector’s end products, consisting of spaceships, defense crafts, and airplanes, carry many passengers each day. Passengers must be protected at all costs, and therefore quality management is essential.

Reduced Costs

The manufacturing and production process often comes at a high cost and a lack of quality processes and documentation can lead to major financial issues like Boeing has experienced with the quality of the 787 aircraft. Implementing a quality process can be cost-effective with quality management software. Quality manufacturing software like High QA 360 minimizes the time for First Article Inspection (FAI) and PPAP documentation, making it cost-effective in the long run. While you may spend money purchasing the software, you experience a higher return over the long term.

Enhance Quality in Aerospace Industry with High QA Quality Management Software

Quality management can be more effective and streamlined with automated solutions. Make your quality management process completely integrated and seamless with High QA 360 software. Contact High QA to learn about our quality management and manufacturing software and schedule a free one-on-one demo.

High QA provides manufacturing quality management software (QMS) solutions to efficiently create, manage and monitor all manufacturing quality requirements including balloon drawings, APQP/PPAP, First Article Inspection (FAI) Software, import inspection data from CMMs, and output reports in AS9102 or industry/customer specific formats

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