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Keyport, NJ (USA) – July 2019 – High QA will demonstrate its Inspection Manager™ Quality Management Software at WESTEC 2019 September 24 – 26 at Long Beach Convention Center, CA. Hallmarks of Inspection Manager include its one-click architecture to automatically extract GD&T requirements from 2D drawings and 3D models, digitizes the prints with automatic ballooning, creates inspection plan reports, stores all the information and measurement tools in a centralized database, and so much more.

“Inspection Manager makes the move towards Quality 4.0, which is an integral aspect of Industry 4.0, practical for many manufacturers,” said Sam Golan, High QA’s CEO and Founder. “The time-savings alone is astounding because a large percentage of manufacturers are still marking their 2D parts prints up with paper and pencils to extract the quality parameters of the job. The centralized database is also extremely helpful for users so they can aggregate useful inspection information data to make better process decisions from one integrated and complete source. It’s quite a comprehensive package of quality management functions – automated, usable, and accessible.”

WESTEC attendees will be among the first to see demonstrations about Inspection Manager’s newest features surrounding manufacturing operations, bulk updating, assemblies, job lifecycles, materials management, and handling non-conformance issues and processes. “One of the most exciting additions is the ability to now support ballooning of welding dimensions directly inside Inspection Manager using our intuitive ballooning interface,” said Mr. Golan.

Other features and benefits that High QA customers find most helpful include the ability to work in Dual Units – metric or English – and convert those with just one click. The chosen unit is the one that propagates through to the ballooned PDF and the final reports generated, such as AS9102 FAI Forms 1 and 2. Users can store unlimited design revisions with the original and converted units.

An integrated SPC module within Inspection Manager allows users in real time to monitor variations in the manufacturing process during the inspection process. The inspection results can be captured automatically from a wide range of metrology tools. Manual data can be collected on the shop-floor and added in real time using a tablet-based application for Inspection Manager, IM Explorer™ and IM eXpress™. All of the metrology tools, systems, and certificates can also be stored and managed in Inspection Manager’s centralized database and can alert the customer when calibrations are due and when certs need to be updated.

For more information, visit WESTEC booth 1357