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High QA Provides Advanced Quality Process Capabilities with Inspection Manager 6.0 Software

Update delivers unprecedented quality process and security tools to automate and optimize manufacturing quality planning, inspecting, and reporting

HAZLET, NJ (June 23, 2021) – High QA®, a provider of software solutions that enable manufacturing companies to efficiently create, manage and monitor all quality requirements across manufactured parts, today announced the release of Inspection Manager version 6.0. The latest version adds to the leading manufacturing quality software a revolutionary 3D MBD module as well as new cybersecurity improvements and other quality process enhancements.

“High QA has been a game changer for us. We have moved from completing 5-10 FAI reports a month to 5-10 a day. Without High QA that success would not have been possible. High QA is by far one of the best software packages I have ever used.”

Paul Nelson, Engineering and Quality Manager at Louis Industries

Key features of Inspection Manager 6.0 include:

New 3D MBD Module

Traditionally, 2D drawings have been used throughout the planning and inspection process but with the rise of Quality 4.0, many companies are beginning to expect their suppliers to use a 3D Model-Based Definition (3D MBD) workflow. The 3D MBD module processes 3D native CAD files, recognizes and intelligently extracts GD&T and PMI and generates standard 2D drawings and inspection plans.

Security Improvements

To enhance cybersecurity, new security options for Inspection Manager accounts and passwords comply with NIST 800-171 security standards and guidelines.

Account and Password Management

Passwords for user accounts must now be 6-20 characters. Weak passwords are not allowed. A password strength calculator checks more than 10 thousand common weak passwords and notifies users. All account and password settings are now available on the administrator tab shown in the administrator role.

Gage Management

Calibration interval and usage count fields have been added to the gage management process to better define usage and calibration of measurement tools and gages. Unsafe gages can be deleted providing more trusted inspection results.

Workflow and Usability Enhancements

Enabling users to work more efficiently, Inspection Manager 6.0 OCR technology works with large TIFF drawings and provides a part preview for ballooned drawings.  A new table based on ISO 286-2 tables of standard tolerance classes and limit deviations for holes and shafts provides needed information without having to leave the software.

All new features and enhancements work seamlessly with a centralized database and create an integrated quality management software for manufacturing.

“This release of Inspection Manager is driven by our customers and provides solutions to challenges they face everyday in the manufacturing quality inspection process,” said Sam Golan, High QA CEO and Founder. “As the quality process continues to evolve and transform, High QA will provide tools and leadership to reduce costs, improve quality, streamline processes, maintain compliance and efficiently manage manufacturing quality internally and across the entire supply chain.”

About High QA

High QA is a leading provider of integrated manufacturing quality management software (MQMS) solutions for any size company in all major manufacturing industries. Inspection Manager™, built on the High QA 360™ platform, optimizes and automates the entire quality process creating a seamless partnership and collaboration with supply chains. It provides quality insights above and beyond pass/fail, eliminates human interpretation errors and reduces quality control bottlenecks. This ensures products meet specifications, are delivered on time and comply with applicable standards. With extensive industry experience, High QA keeps its customers and partners at the forefront of Quality 4.0 and manufacturing technology. For more information, visit