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New Software Technology Advances the Practicality of
Quality 4.0


Quality 4.0 must be a significant contributor to the Industry 4.0 revolution happening in manufacturing, however, right now there is a significant gap between the two. The risk for the quality industry not closing, or at least not tightening the gap, will have a negative impact on the entire manufacturing industry. There are multiple reasons for this, particularly for high production runs, complex parts, and parts in industries that are heavily regulated. In addition to hampering innovation, it also stifles the quality department and functions as a whole, keeping the quality reputation as the “go/no-go” department in any given manufacturing organization.

This technology gap between quality and other aspects of the manufacturing process has steadily grown over the years. It’s time to close the gap between Quality 4.0 and Industry 4.0.

Is there hope for Quality 4.0 being a real contributor to Industry 4.0?

Yes, and it is already happening at some companies.

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