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Connected Metrology - Why Data & Connectivity are Key for 2022


Jim Mangan, managing director of connected metrology specialist The Sempre Group, a High QA partner, and Ken Feitz from High QA, discuss Connected Metrology – Why Data and Connectivity are Key for quality manufacturing in 2022.

Quality is often a neglected area of manufacturing, seen as a box-ticking exercise to prove that specifications are met, rather than being a vehicle for improvement. As a result, many manufacturers keep track of quality data manually on paper or in isolated Excel spreadsheets, making it challenging to access information when needed. Essential quality management documents such as product part approval process (PPAP) reports are kept in huge filing cabinets, so files can be easily misplaced or difficult to find if there are problems with quality later on.

Quality touches every area of manufacturing, so when looking at the first steps to digitalization, integrating a fully digital quality management system into the manufacturing line offers a variety of benefits.

Ken Feitz - High QA

Manually managing and auditing isolated documents can introduce the risk of human error and waste employees’ time, costing the manufacturer thousands — a very poor use of a valuable workforce.

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