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Automate and optimize your quality planning, inspecting, and reporting with High QA software

Managing your quality process doesn’t have to be difficult.

Watch the video to see how High QA makes it simple.

At High QA, we simplify and automate manufacturing quality with the ballooning and planning tools you have always wanted.

Our integrated quality software platform enables manufacturers and customers within their own facility and throughout their supply chain to automate manufacturing quality and supplier quality processes from quoting to delivery that is on-time, on-budget and on-quality.

The database-driven quality management software is designed to address all your quality requirements and to guide you
through the manufacturing quality process from ballooning and planning to data collection and reporting.

High QA has all the tools you need to successfully manage your manufacturing quality process.

  • One-click auto-ballooning, bill of characteristics and control plan generation from 2D and 3D parts.
  • Gather and analyze inspection data results from CMM, VMM, manual gages and most other inspection machine sources.
  • Automatically generate standard FAI, PPAP, AQL,PFMEA, SPC, NCR, Gage R&R reports and create custom reports.
  • Store all ballooned drawings, quality plans, inspection data and reports in an integrated centralized database.

If your company wants to achieve higher profitability and growth, let us show you how integrated manufacturing quality software works.

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Minimize Variations, Increase Productivity, Deliver Parts on Time

Learn how to simplify your manufacturing quality process.