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Inspection Software Evolving To All-In-One QMS Solutions For Practical Data Management


Those of us on the march towards Quality 4.0 in our manufacturing companies are grappling with the challenge of producing high quality parts with a minimal investment of time and resources into new inspection methodologies.

How do we know that it’s “good” data? Where is the data stored? How can we best present it to our customers, quality system auditors, and internal staff?

Until recently, there were way too many individual pieces of software crunching data from machines, devices, instruments, and gages and storing it in independent, disconnected folders housed in a myriad of places, including desk drawers! Here’s the good news: software solutions are available now that truly streamline inspection and measurement data and even go beyond that functionality.

An automated, centralized, integrated approach to inspection and measurement data management can significantly reduce errors, improve data security, and provide consistent product quality.

Christopher Mendicino
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