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High QA 360

High QA 360

High QA 360™ provides the framework that gives suppliers and buyers an effective way to communicate production information and quality requirements seamlessly in a secure environment. High QA 360 is a platform for all suppliers in the network to use a common language to deliver clear concise information about parts, assemblies, and their quality parameters, ensuring that desired outcomes are met.

How High QA 360 Works

High QA 360 is a platform designed for seamless collaboration and secure, accurate communications between buyers, such as OEMs, and manufacturing suppliers.

With High QA 360, buyers create a Supplier Information Package with a ballooned drawing, accurate GD&T requirements in a complete bill of characteristics, and inspection plans from a 2D drawing or 3D model. The process completed in minutes, not hours, and uses High QA Quality Management technology to provide a common language for communicating quality requirements.

Suppliers then use the High QA 360 portal to retrieve the package sent by the buyer. The elements include all of the relevant information needed for the supplier to start production without the need to process drawings or models to extract dimensional data.

It features automatic results collection from connected tools and gages. For non-connected devices, results are entered via a tablet-based application. One-click automation creates all reports in minutes. High QA 360 provides ongoing project management with real-time collaboration that supports engineering changes, non-conformance resolutions, and more.

Buyers Benefits

High QA 360 allows buyers to communicate with their suppliers using a secure platform. Each supplier has a dedicated profile that highlights capabilities and certifications.  Buyers can use the High QA Suppliers Database to expand their partners based on pre-set criteria and build internal rankings for each vendor. Buyers can invite their existing suppliers to participate in High QA 360 where they can create a custom profile to display their qualifications. Buyers send complete documentation packages to their suppliers. These can include ballooned 2D drawings or 3D models with all relevant GD&T as a bill of characteristics. For certain industries, they might also include converted APQP to automated  instructions. The package provides suppliers with everything they need to start initial production and return FAI reports to the buyer for approvals.

The documentation package, based on High QA’s core Quality Management technology, takes minutes to prepare, rather than days. It includes accurate dimensional information, inspection plans, and reporting requirements.  Inspection results from connected devices are automatic with results from manual tools and gages entered with an integrated tablet app. All inspection data is available in real-time to both supplier and buyer, increasing the transparency of the project. Automatic quality alerts are issued in real-time to reduce scrap before value is added with additional operations.

High QA 360 is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform hosted by AWS in a secure data center with appropriate security layers.

Suppliers Benefits

High QA 360 invites manufacturing suppliers around the globe to become members at no cost. Being a member of the High QA 360 supply chain alliance enables manufacturing suppliers to build their capabilities profile, including manufacturing and quality equipment, certifications, and other credentials. Supplier profiles are available to buyers via an intelligent search system. Buyers send out invitations to the suppliers they want to consider. Once a supplier is approved by a buyer, the supplier is authorized to download the Supplier Connect module at no cost, and collaboration begins. Further, members can interact with other suppliers, as buyers via the Supplier Connect network.

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