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Simplify Your Manufacturing Quality Planning, Inspecting and Reporting

with HQA 360

Reimagine Your Manufacturing Quality with a Single Software

Managing your quality process doesn’t have to be difficult. HQA 360 makes it simple.

A fully integrated quality management software for manufacturing, HQA 360 brings flexibility, efficiency, and productivity to your quality process. FAI, PPAP and other quality documents are easily generated from a single database. Everyone uses the same data and everyone knows where it is.

Comprehensive automation tools reduce costs, prevent human interpretation errors, improve delivery time and part quality ensuring your customers are always confident in your products.

  • Parts & Job Planning
    • Save up to 80% planning time with automation for FAI, PPAP
  • Production & Data Collection
    • Save up to 50% in time to acquire data from various systems
  • Reporting and Submission
    • Save up to 50% and to analyze and report data for every part

A Single Software for Your
Manufacturing Quality Management

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