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Becoming a More Efficient Shop With the Right Processes and Software

After refining its machining processes for more efficient production, Above All CNC still needed a better way to track its data.

The previous challenge of documenting data manually led not only to Above All implementing ProShop but also to the realization that the shop also needed software to extract inspection data more efficiently for tight-tolerance aerospace parts. For this, they turned to High QA.

High QA is integrated with ProShop, and the two softwares have cut down on inspection planning time, as well as shopfloor inspection time since manual data tracking and documentation are once again eliminated.

“It saves copious amounts of time,” Rousseau says. “It’s ridiculously helpful. I’m not sure how anyone gets by without it.

With all the complexities that come with generating an aerospace first article inspection, it really holds your hand through the whole process and makes sure it’s done per the standard. It’s just a no-brainer for us.”

Tim Rousseau, Founder and Owner, Above All CNC
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