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Achieve Superior
Quality Management
in Manufacturing

Simplify and Automate Manufacturing Quality

High QA provides an integrated manufacturing quality suite that enables manufacturers, their supply chain partners (sub-contractors), and customers to automate manufacturing processes from quoting to delivery of parts and components that are on-time, on-budget, and on-quality.

Our passion for integrating internal manufacturing quality processes and streamlining collaboration throughout the supply chain is what drives us to help all manufacturers and their suppliers succeed.

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C-Level / Owner

Bolster Your

HQA 360 is a scalable manufacturing and suppler quality software that expands as you grow, regardless of your company size.

  • Improve quality and compliance documentation
  • Increase productivity
  • Consolidate multiple systems
  • Modernize quality management
Complete quality documents with every manufactured part
Improve quality assurance talent and knowledge retention

Quality Manager

Take Control
of Your
Quality Process

HQA 360 has all the quality tools you need to collect production data, analyze trends and document your manufacturing quality process.

  • FAI, PFMEA, Control Plan, Process Flow Diagram, and other submission documents
  • Capability, Cp, Cpk, Sigma, Gage R&R, and other data analysis tools
  • Comply to ISO, AS and IATF standards
Decrease report production time up to 50%
Complete a quality inspection project in 1 day instead of 2 weeks

Inspection Planner

Optimize Your
Inspection Planning

HQA 360 makes it easy to automate, optimize, and successfully plan and document your manufacturing quality process.

  • Automatically balloon drawings
  • Extract GD&T information
  • Dynamic inspection plans
  • Assign criticality and Measurement Techniques to dimensions
Balloon and extract GD&T data in 5 minutes instead of 2 hours
Part planning time reduced up to 80%


Automatically balloon a pdf drawing or 3D model and extract GD&T / PMI information to a Quality Control Plan with a single-click. Automatically capture Nom +/-Tol, Min/Max, GD&T, and Notes.



One integrated software solution combines ballooning, inspection control plan and data collection. Automatically generate FAI, SPC, PFMEA, Part Submission Warrant (PSW), and Gage R&R and more.


FAI / AS9102

Automate first article inspection generation and produce a full digital FAI submission package with dimensional reports, certifications, ballooned drawings, and other requirements in AS9102 and other customer-specific formats.



Collect data in a centralized database. Monitor and analyze real-time run charts, X-bar and R, stability (Cp, Pp) and capability (Cpk, Ppk) information to quickly detect and prevent problems in the manufacturing process before they arise.



Build a library of consistent failure mode descriptions. Rank potential failure modes based on detection, severity and frequency. Non-Excel-based solution provides digital workflows for approvals, accountability and traceability.


Automate All Aspects of Manufacturing Quality Management

Our innovative scalable software solution provides seamless integration of manufacturing quality planning, part production and reporting data. With all the manufacturing quality data easily available, you can maximize efficiency and minimize costs throughout your manufacturing facility and supply chain.

Get rid of all the paper, manual processes and confusion. High QA provides an automated and optimized quality process making you more efficient, productive and successful.

High QA Manufacturing Quality Suite


  • Automatic Ballooning
  • GD&T Extraction
  • Inspection Planning
  • AQL Sampling


  • Gage Management
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Inspection Data Collection
  • Statistical Process Control


  • First Article Inspection
  • Non-conformance
  • Digital Workflows
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The Integrated Software Solution Quality Professionals Need

Whether you need a general quality process or more advanced, the High QA manufacturing quality suite has the scalable solution you need. From ballooning and part planning to inspection data collection and reporting, High QA is there for you every step along the way.

Quickly and Easily Create Your Quality Plan

High QA manufacturing quality software enables one-click PDF ballooning

Auto-Balloon and GD&T Extraction

OCR technology recognizes 2D drawing characteristics and automatically imports 3D MBD

High QA manufacturing quality software enables quality inspection planning to manage, monitor and report on manufacturing quality

Create Inspection Plans

Full inspection plan generated from the drawing

High QA manufacturing quality software enables inspection data collection real-time to improve manufacturing quality

Import Inspection Results

Import inspection data into High QA directly from any inspection machine or tool

High QA manufacturing quality software enables templates and forms to be used to report and document quality processes

Auto Generation of Reports

FAI, Control Plan, PFMEA, SPC, and other reports output in desired format

Check out the process now.

Expand Your Quality Management Process

High QA manufacturing quality software enables data collection apps to collect inspection data at the source

Data Collection Apps

Inspectors and quality teams can use tablets or touch screen PCs for inspection data collection on the shop floor

High QA manufacturing quality software manages quality revision controls to keep manufacturing quality current

Drawing Revision Control

Control and manage revisions across drawing versions and change orders

High QA manufacturing quality software enables spc analysis and inspection data analysis to provide continuous manufacturing improvements

SPC Data Analysis

Analyze inspection data from any device in real-time

High QA manufacturing quality software enables advanced reporting for APQP and PPAP and quality submission reports


Streamline your whole manufacturing quality process with configurable templates and forms

See how it is done.


Your Manufacturing Quality Management

Reimagine your manufacturing quality management process. You can automate and optimize your quality planning, inspecting and reporting workflows.


How You Collect, Analyze and Report Inspection Data

Simplify collecting, reporting and analyzing quality inspection data. Get all your inspection data when you need it, how you need it and where you need it.


Your APQP/PPAP Process with High QA PQP

Say goodbye to long days and tedious spreadsheets and hello to your new APQP quality process – automated, paperless, database-driven solution that doesn’t rely on Microsoft Excel.

The Benefits of Using High QA

High QA provides manufacturing quality suite of software to manage, monitor, generate and document manufacturing quality
Simplify and automate manufacturing quality processes with High QA software

Customer Testimonials

Simplify and automate manufacturing quality processes with High QA software

Jet Machined Products

I am winning more aerospace contracts because I can get my FAIRs out faster and cleaner than my competition.

Stephen Hunt
Operations / Quality Director

Beverston Engineering

By installing High QA software, we have a 72% average savings on quality planning and reporting processes.

Amr Sufian
Project Engineer

Louis Industries

High QA has been a game-changer for us. We have moved from completing 5-10 FAI reports a month to 5-10 a day.

Paul Nelson
Engineering & Quality Manager

Markets We Serve

A wide range of industries rely on High QA for manufacturing quality management software solutions


High QA manages quality in industries including quality in the space industry


High QA manages quality in industries including quality in the aerospace industry


High QA manages quality in industries including quality in the medical industry


High QA manages quality in industries including quality in the automotive industry


High QA manages quality in industries including quality in the energy industry


High QA manages quality in industries including quality in the defense industry


High QA manages quality in industries including quality in the heavy machinery industry

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