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Helping Manufacturers Worldwide Reach True Quality 4.0

Many manufacturers are fully aware of the trend and application of digital, data-driven solutions surrounding Industry 4.0. A subset of that initiative, Quality 4.0, is a major component of the march towards the ultimate goal of completely smart factories. High QA’s solutions are in alignment with the digital manufacturing revolution goals. Our solutions have led the Quality 4.0 effort since the term was coined several years ago. Blending automation and centralized data deliver a winning combination, whether you have one shop or multiple locations scattered around the globe or are part of a supplier network.

Resolve Age-Old Quality Function Problems with High QA Inspection Manager

High QA Inspection Manager™ software was developed with one primary task to resolve as the foundation for success – automatic ballooning of 2D drawings. With automatic ballooning, Inspection Manager extracts geometric dimensions and tolerance (GD&T) requirements from 2D drawings or PDF files to create ballooned inspection drawings and complete bills of dimensional characteristics that are stored in a single database. The system automatically recognizes critical GD&T and product and manufacturing information (PMI) specifications as well as surface finish and welding requirements. Data is extracted to a secure on-site centralized database and converted into inspection plans that can be viewed and edited immediately. The software manages inspection plans and results and automatically generates reports in a standard format such as PPAP, FAI/ AS9102 or custom report formats. It tracks part serial numbers and compiles inspection results from the supplier that created the part, with all information available from a centralized database.

High QA Inspection Manager eliminates multiple data entry steps that are time-consuming and error-prone once and for all.


Minimize Outsourcing Quality Errors/Maximize Efficiencies with High QA 360

Getting all the participants in a manufacturing supply chain aligned on part dimensions, tolerances, and data reporting maximize process efficiency and provides the best environment for desired outcomes. An automated, integrated approach to data management can essentially eliminate data-based errors and provide consistent product quality information to customers. High QA has developed High QA 360™ – a collaborative solution platform specifically designed for manufacturers in a supplier network to help you meet that goal.

Based on High QA’s core proprietary technologies, 2D/3D manufacturing, and quality OCR, this supply chain solution arrives just in time for today’s parts that are more complex, smaller, and require tighter tolerances. High QA 360 enables all tiers in an alliance to eliminate manufacturing and quality interpretation, tedious and intensive calculations, and ultimately expedites on-time deliveries. Projects are more likely to stay within budget and exceed all quality requirements. With High QA 360, OEMs report they can reduce incoming inspection tasks because of the improved part quality integrity, and they appreciate the consistency, accurate communications, and transparency among all of the suppliers in its community.

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