Meet High QA, The Manufacturing Quality Experts

About High QA

High QA is a leading provider of integrated manufacturing quality management software solutions (QMS) for any size company in all major manufacturing industries. Inspection Manager™, built on the High QA 360™ platform, optimizes and automates the entire quality process creating a seamless partnership and collaboration with supply chains. It provides quality insights above and beyond pass/fail, eliminates human interpretation errors and reduces quality control bottlenecks. This ensures products meet specifications, are delivered on time and comply with applicable standards. With extensive industry experience, High QA keeps its customers and partners at the forefront of Quality 4.0 and manufacturing technology. 

The High QA Mission

High QA, Inc. provides a comprehensive Manufacturing Quality Management System software that enables companies of any size – small to enterprise – to automate and integrate their manufacturing and quality processes, and even supply chain management.

Our Values

We are committed to the success of our customers.
We create an environment in which the professionalism of our employees supports and ensures our customers’ success.
We develop and deliver superior software that fits the evolving needs of the industrial manufacturing industries we serve.
We invest in our people and encourage continual professional development to expand their quality knowledge and expertise.
We listen and learn from our customers and staff to keep growing, evolving, and developing practical, yet sophisticated solutions.

Our Vision

To have our quality management software solution for manufacturing installed at every manufacturing facility in the industries we serve.

The High QA Story

High QA, Inc. delivers an innovative, practical Manufacturing Quality Management System software platform that assists industrial organizations to manufacture and deliver high quality, in-tolerance parts on time and within budget. We are a team of design, manufacturing, software development and supply chain experts with hundreds of years’ worth of combined hands-on experience in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, inspection, PLM, lean manufacturing and development of quality software products. High QA’s executive team includes the founders of Cimatron and Enovia by Dassault Systems. High QA’s team is highly focused on resolving customer challenges in the quality function and supply network management – both buyers (OEMs) and suppliers.

Our software is highly intuitive and user friendly. It is comprehensive, sophisticated, and configurable to be deployed in various industries. Yet, the basic functions can be learned in only a few hours and most users are productive with it in a short time.

Visiting, listening, and servicing hundreds of organizations and thousands of users, High QA’s All-in-One Automated Manufacturing Quality software embeds sets of consistent standards and best practices. Quality control departments can provide detailed and consistent inspection plans, prevent interpretation mistakes downstream, eliminate human errors, set and comply with the various reporting bodies and processes needed for regulated industries, and transition companies to true Quality 4.0. We deliver fully automated, paperless processes, an SQL database environment, and robust architecture comprised of the ultimate Windows and web-based technologies. Our solutions deliver peak performance, usability, security, and scalability.

These tools from High QA are precise, vigorous, and tailored to solve today’s problems and challenges. Many of our customers report an increase in productivity of 5 to 10 times. Always striving, we keep investing in our technology. Our software development team presents two new versions annually with exciting new productivity tools, enhanced capabilities, and innovative additions. We work closely with our customers and prospects to meet their rapidly evolving needs.

We are Shaping the Next Generation of Quality Manufacturing!