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Software Analyst

Software Analyst Position Description

High QA is looking for a Software Analyst to add to our growing Product team. The Product team functions as the voice of the customer (VOC) to the developers, QA, and others. This role will be working closely and report to the VP of Product. It will conduct domain feature/function related research and will create software requirements specifications for enhancing existing products and modules with new features and improved user experiences.

As High QA expands its footprint into other areas of the industry, there are many opportunities to create specifications for entirely new modules and products. The specifications created will be shared internally with Product, Development, and QA team members to take the High QA software solutions to the next level of innovative automation.

This role introduces significant opportunity for learning. We are looking for people who are able to observe and take in large volumes of information, process it, organize it, and focus it on innovative software solutions. This role will involve researching online and interviewing customers. The people functioning in this role need to be able to recognize problems affecting our customers, variations of those problems between organizations, industries, countries, etc…, and identifying whether those problems fit within our target road map. That information is shared with Product and Development teams to grow our collective understanding. In this way, we are able to develop highly tuned, relevant, and automated software solutions to our target market of highly regulated manufacturing companies.

The next step is identifying the highest degree of automation and best possible user experience we can deliver in order to reduce or eliminate those problems. These recommended solutions are recorded as software specifications and shared as mentioned in the beginning.

What You'll Do

Primary responsibilities:

  • Researching online and interviewing customers to identify requirements.
  • Recording and presenting requirements to stakeholders.
  • Recording and reviewing general customer feedback to score value of specific areas of our products and note areas for improvement.
  • Assisting internal customer support resources.
  • Assisting with advancement of internal and customer knowledge bases.

What We Need to See

Required skills and background:

  • Proven work history of at least 3-5 years in a space relating to this position.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to articulate advanced technical requirements in an adaptive manner per audience.
  • Absolute comfort in quickly learning and understanding new software systems, how they are organized navigationally and functionally, and how they apply to end users.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • General understanding of how software is developed: lifecycle management, database architecture and schemas, and coding environments. (no coding experience necessary).

What We Would Like to See

Additional skills and background:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a technical field of study.
  • Experience in a highly regulated manufacturing industry.
  • Experience in quality management or shop floor production.
  • Coding or IT experience with SQL databases.

Employment Type

  • Full time
  • Remote or Local

About Us

High QA provides integrated manufacturing quality management software solutions for all manufacturing industries. Manufacturing companies of every size can elevate quality processes to brand new levels and efficiently work in partnership with their entire supply chain.

We develop, sell and support several software solutions. Our software solutions monitor, manage, communicate and document manufacturing and quality processes. This ensures products are produced within tolerance, comply with all applicable standards, and are made in less time with less mistakes.

We are focused on helping companies make better products that people use every day.

How to Apply

Submit your resume/CV, cover letter and portfolio to with “Job Title” in the subject line.